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Learn SQL, PL/SQL, Data guard, DBA Backup concepts. Free Oracle DBA Interview questions, PL/SQL Tutorial and PL/SQL Interview Questions
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The details of your backup script depend on the database load and the amount of disk space allocated. The following scripts are categorized based on different patterns of database updates and the minimum amount of disk space allocated for the flash recovery area required to achieve the recovery window on disk. Backing Up to the Oracle Flash Recovery Area

Throughout its operation, Oracle maintains a set of virtual tables that record current database activity. These tables are created by Oracle and are called dynamic performance tables.Database administrators can query and create views on the tables and grant access to those views to other users.

Dynamic Performance Views for Tuning

The UTL_SMTP package was introduced in Oracle 8i and can be used to send emails from PL/SQL
  • Simple Emails
  • Multi-Line Emails
  • HTML Emails
  • Emails with Attachments
    • BLOB Attachment
    • CLOB Attachment
Email From Oracle PL/SQL

When RMAN is in a Data Guard environment, the CONFIGURE command allows you to register and configure settings for all physical databases. The databases are distinguished using the DB_UNIQUE_NAME initialization parameter.

A catalog must be connected for RMAN to work properly in a Data Guard environment.

Recovery Manager (RMAN) Enhancements in Oracle

This article uses simple examples to describe the partitioning enhancements in Oracle 11g Release 1.
  • Extended Composite Partitioning
  • Interval Partitioning
  • System Partitioning
  • Reference Partitioning
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Oracle Data Pump is a newer, faster and more flexible alternative to the "exp" and "imp" utilities used in previous Oracle versions. In addition to basic import and export functionality data pump provides a PL/SQL API and support for external tables.
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10 Steps to Master Database Administration
The database consists of physical and logical structures in which system, user, and control information is stored. The software that manages the db is called server. More>> The OUI guides through an interview phase that asks to specify your choices for installation and db creation. More>>
To access the OEM Console from a client browser, the dbconsole process needs to be running on the server. Understanding OEM is essential since it provides a visual interface for managing db. More>> On the database server side, the listener listens for client connection requests. Learn how adminstrator establishes connection between client and Server with help of Listeners. More>>
This comprises of Memory Structures and Background Processes. More>> A control file tracks the physical components of the db and other control information. Learn how to manage tablespace, datafiles, undo data, datafiles, Parmater File. More>>
When dtabase is created, the user SYS is automatically created and granted the DBA role.System privileges, object privileges, and roles provide a basic level of db security. More>> Enterprise Manager can be used to create or Modify tables. User can do so as a system administrator or user with the CONNECT role. More>>
The focus in backup and recovery is generally on the physical backup of db files, which permit the full reconstruction of your database. More>> Metrics are computed and stored by the AutomaticWorkload Repository, and are displayed on the All Metrics page.Tuning db is one of the most challanging task . More>>
Advanced Tutorials
Tuning SQL Statement has always been a issue. Because administrator have to determine the culprit of poor performance. Is it a slow server or a badly tuned SQL Statement? More>> In general, Backup and recovery refers to the various strategies and procedures involved in protecting your database against data loss and reconstructing the data should that loss occur. More>>
11g makes database infrastructure far more efficient, resilient, and manageable. For example, very compelling new features in the realm of partitioning ease the design and management of partitioned tables immensely. More>> E-Business Suite is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications.Learn about E Suite Benefits & Others Advanced Features like Encryption,release,grid computing.. More>>
Data Guard ensures high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for enterprise data. Data Guard provides a comprehensive set of services that create, maintain, manage, and monitor one or more standby databases to enable production databases to survive disasters and data corruptions. More>> Administrator direct or perform all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment. Your responsibilities include designing, implementing, and maintaining the database system. Recovery Manager (RMAN) is an utility for backing-up, restoring and recovering.More>>

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