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PLATINUM ModelMart is a sophisticated model management system designed specifically to enable ERwin data modelers and BPwin process modelers to efficiently work together to get more work done in less time and with better results.

Redwood Explorer

Freeware - This tool allows developers to graphically view database structure which aides in creating applications that access Oracle databases.


PLATINUM SQL-Compass is a visual modeling tool for managing the interaction between applications and databases.


Oracle application allowing you to export the contents of a table to a simple SQL script where each row is represented as an INSERT statement, to a portable ASCII CSV file, as an HTML Web page or as a Valid XML document including DTD header.

Visible Analyst

Data Modeling in Visible Analyst is focused on the Data Modeling and Database Engineering functionality of the popular Visible Analyst product. It focuses on the diagramming techniques, methods, and capabilities that relate directly to data modeling and database design. It delivers superior capabilities to Database Administrators, Data Modelers, Data Architects, and Data Administrators at a lower price than any of its competition.

YeePi SQLExpress for Oracle

YeePi SQLExpressfor Oracle is a high-performance tool for administering Oracle Database. It provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for maintaining databases and database objects, managing table data, pl/sql debugger, export data view and edit BLOB fields, and much more ..

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SQL Statement Tuning
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Oracle 11g New Features
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