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Oracle DBA's module for Oracle 8i, 8.0 and 7.3. Reverse engineers DDL for specified list of objects. Defrags entire tablespaces. Resizes tables/indexes to your standards. Creates user X with privileges of Y. Etc., etc., etc.


Use 'descr' to get a description about an object. This shell script does the same as the SQL*Plus command DESCRIBE, but you don't have to start SQL*Plus to use it.


SQL Query Tool for MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, MS-SQL, ODBC Drivers and all supported Perl DBI drivers. Open Source


EyB is a full-featured Database Manager that provides a web interface to add, remove, modify, view records in Oracle or MySQL (more comming soon ) database. Adding, removing, modifying and searching the data rows in the database. Open Source.


iOraBugFinder is a web based tool which scans Oracle's alert log files and ORA-600/ORA-7445 trace files, extracts relevant information from them and generates URL links to relevant bugs, notes, forums at Metalink.


JSync, Idera's e-data platform, enables businesses to build and deploy reliable applications quickly. In today's fast-paced e-business world, you need an Open standards-based platform that enables you to grow and create a competitive advantage: a platform to manage, collaborate, and integrate your global enterprise data.

KeepTool's Hora

Hora is a handy tool for working with oracle database, and can be used universally. It has been designed for database administrators, application programmers, but also for end-users. Thanks to its intuitive user prompting, Hora is available straight away without any previous training. After only a few seconds, Hora is ready for use. The object-oriented interface of Hora is self-explanatory. Hora's compactness is impressing. All the functions necessary for your daily work are contained in one single tool. Start-up time and resource requirements are minimal. Some of Hora's functions: - SQL and PL/SQL Support - Performance monitor - User, roles and profiles - Database administration - Lock and session manager - Display and change data - and much, much more...

Knowledge XPert for Oracle Administration

A fast look-up, consolidated index for over 25,000 Oracle messages and codes. Covers over 20 message types (ORA, PLS, TNS, etc.), and multiple releases. Add your solutions to any any message for immediate recall.

Log Analyzer

Log Analyzer for Oracle analyzes log files in Oracle databases and enables DBAs to audit data changes and undo or redo data changes.

NDS System Administration

NDS Base System includes the Menu System, Drill Down, Auditing, Renumbering, Support Requests/Problem Reporting, Setup Wizard, and User Utilities applications.

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