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Oracle Maestro

Oracle Maestro is the premier Windows GUI admin tool for Oracle databases management, control and development. Oracle Maestro provides you with a number of tools allowing to perform all the necessary database operations such as creating, editing, and duplicating database objects; moreover, you can build queries visually, execute and optimize SQL queries and SQL scripts, view and edit data including BLOBs, represent data as diagrams, export and import data to/from most popular file formats, analyze your data summarized into multidimensional views and hierarchies (OLAP cubes), and use a lot of other tools implemented to make your work with Oracle server comfortable and efficient.


This tool automatically cleans the log files and trace files with the Oracle installation. It's free, give it a try.


Oracletool is an interactive, web based application that runs as a CGI script using your web server. The advantage of Oracletool over tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager is that nothing needs to be installed on the client side machine. All you need to use Oracletool, once installed, is a web browser.


OraSentry is a "Charityware" that allows you to monitor continuously Oracle databases' Alert log files.


This software will integrate Oracle 8.0/8i with GNU Debian Linux. It automatically starts and stops the database(s) and listener(s) on system startup/shutdown.


Orback can manage the archive log space for databases that have archiving enabled. The solution can also handle regular or raw files and has built-in mail or SNMP alert capability.

PATROL Recovery Manager

The PATROL Recovery Manager product builds on the SQL BackTrack product to simplify the planning and execution of backups and recoveries for relational databases across multiple instances, types and CPUs in a network.

Redwood Scheduler

This product is a comprehensive solution for processing all types of system management and application jobs, both as an operations environment and as an integral component of online Oracle applications.

Schema Manager

Schema Manager eases the deployment of schema changes from development to test to production by managing dependencies while maintaining control with extensive change documentation.


SchemaToDoc can transform your Oracle metadata into easy-to-read Word documents. The program can present the following information for each table in your database: Primary Keys, Field Information (type, size, defaults, nullable), Indexes, Check Constraints, Comments and Foreign Keys. The special Table Annotator version of the program also lets you annotate your tables and fields. This information also becomes part of your Word document.

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