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Senora is targeted to be a drop-in replacement for sqlplus. It provides a plethora of new commands, which accept unix-style options. It is extensible via plugins. Other features: cmdline editing, parallel execution of commands on multiple servers. Open Source.


This software solution is a high-performance backup and recovery product that simplifies and automates many database administration tasks.


This tool will tell you the structure and properties of any given database object, it can show a table that is in the database, including all the constraints and indexes, grants and audits. But all other Oracle7/8 objects can be shown as well. You need Pro*C to compile this program, binaries for HP-UX, Linux (intel) and Win32 (intel) are available.

The Oracle Database Master

A graphical front end to the Oracle RDBMS. Allows the user to view and modify objects within the database. Written in C++ odm uses the Qt library as well as Oracle's OCI.

The Standby Wizard For Oracle

The Standby Wizard For Oracle is the only product in existence that will create, monitor, rebuild, and perform graceful switchback functions on any standby database configuration you chose to create. The Standby Wizard's intelligent modules are all managed through an easy-to-use GUI interface.

Tivoli Manager for Oracle

This product provides you with the necessary controls to manage hundreds of Oracle servers from one console. It provides monitoring and automated task execution for the Oracle instance and Oracle database for all Tivoli Tier1 platforms.

Veritas Database Edition

This software for Oracle is an integrated suite of products engineered specifically to deliver the unprecedented combination of superior performance, easier manageability, and continuous database access for Oracle database servers.


WinSQL is a utility that uses ODBC to connect to different databases. You can connect to multiple data source at the same time. It also displays the database catalog information including table name, field name, stored procedures and their parameters.


YASQL is an open Oracle command line interface written in Perl. YASQL features a much kinder alternative to SQL*Plus's user interface. Features full ReadLine support, alternate output methods, query editing, basic SQL scripting, easy top row_num commands. Open Source.


Zadoc is (so far) a browser for oracle tablespace heirarchies. Doesn't let you at user data just yet. My hope is to eventually make a SQL*Navigator type tool, and also incorperate functionality such as plan table front-end and performance tuning features. Open Source.

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