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WisdomForce FastReader alows make quick snapshot of data from database. FastReader can unload huge Oracle tables (terabytes of data) into flat text files in fraction of time and with no system overhead. At same time this module automatically prepares input for high-speed loaders like Oracle SQL*Loader. FastReader works on major databases, including Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, MySQL. It supports most operating systems and platforms: Sun Solaris, HPUX, Windows, Linux and more.

FastReader for high-performance data migration

FastReader is high-performance database migration tool. It extracts data from large Oracle tables into flat csv ascii files and creates loaders to load into Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server, Sybase. It has built-in fast compression on the fly which significantly reduces storage space. More details at this diagram http://www.wisdomforce.com/dweb/resources/img/fastreader_flow.gif and also on product data sheet at http://www.wisdomforce.com/dweb/resources/docs/fastreader_data_sheet.pdf

FmPro Migrator - Migrates FileMaker to Oracle

FmPro Migrator quickly and accurately migrates FileMaker Pro database structure and data to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2. -- Generates Perl CGI scripts for MySQL and Oracle -- Process Images via the Web With Ease for MySQL and Oracle -- Host FileMaker Pro databases at any ISP supporting MySQL -- Migration of large text fields and image data -- Processing of up to 50 open FileMaker Pro databases -- FileMaker JPEG image export feature -- Economical Site License Free demo available for MacOS X.


Goldload allows you to import and export delimited and fixed-width ACII files to and from Oracle using any language capable of calling ActiveX Automation Objects (often called OLE Automation Servers or just Automation Objects.) GoldLoad consists of two Automation Objects; the Import object and the Export object. The objects are heavily optimized to reduce time and network traffic. Powerful and easy to use.

Granger Unload

Granger Unload is an MS Windows (all recent versions) Oracle unloader. You use the GUI to submit unload jobs to background. It can handle Oracle LONG's, LONG RAW's, CLOB's and BLOB's. It unloads the table(s) and creates an Oracle SQL*Loader Control statement for later reload. Though it runs on a Windows platform, it can unload from any Oracle instance you can access, and can create Unix or Windows line feeds. Multiple table selection is now available.


This software can automatically translate data types between databases, eliminating the need for user intervention. As data is moved to a destination database, InfoPump automatically creates the data definitions in the target environment.


An advanced oracle loader allowing arbitrary SQL and PL/SQL to be run as data is loaded. Open Source.

SwisSQL - Data Migration Edition

AdventNet SwisSQL offers a powerful and flexible data migration tool 'SwisSQL - Data Migration Edition'. It can be used to migrate database structures and data across industry's leading databases such as Oracle, MS-SQL Server, DB2, Sybase and MySQL. The tool provides flexible, extensible and rapid data migration across databases ensuring data integrity with no loss of data.

SwisSQL - DB2 to Oracle Edition - Stored Procedure/SQL Migration tool

'SwisSQL - DB2 to Oracle Edition' is an automated Migration tool to convert stored procedures implemented in IBM DB2 SQL into equivalent Oracle PL/SQL code. It automates more than 90% of the DB2 SQL code conversion into PL/SQL with very minimal manual intervention. SwisSQL migration tool removes the time consuming, tedious and error prone manual effort involved in typical migration projects and provides great productivity benefit with high quality output and short turnaround time.

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