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FmPro Migrator FmPro Migrator - Migrates FileMaker to Oracle

FmPro Migrator quickly and accurately migrates FileMaker Pro database structure and data to Oracle. -- Migrates CSV files to Oracle -- Migrates TAB delimited files to Oracle -- Documents FileMaker Pro database structure -- Migration of large text fields and image data to Oracle -- Processing of up to 50 open FileMaker Pro databases -- Supports FileMaker Pro stand-alone solution files Free demo available for MacOS X.

Oracle 10g DataPump, Part 1: Overview

Oracle 10g's new DataPump utility is designed as the eventual replacement for the original Oracle Import and Export utilities. This article - the first in a series - provides an overview of the DataPump's suite of tools for extracting, transforming, and loading data within an Oracle database.

Using the Oracle Bulk Loader

To use the Oracle bulk loader, you need a control file, which specifies how data should be loaded into the database; and a data file, which specifies what data should be loaded. You will learn how to create these files in turn.


chcsv is a text convert tool from Oracle to CSV file . It reads SQL sentence from standard-input (or a file indicated by "-i" option) and writes result into standard-output (or a file indicated by "-o" option. It would make it easy for you to do data conversion.


The intelligent CSV file loader csvload reads a CSV-file (or standard input) and loads it into an Oracle table. Before loading, csvload gets information about UNIQUE constraint of the table. If the record is already in the table, csvload does UPDATE, otherwise does INSERT. You don't have to create parameter files because csvload loads data just as the sequence of columns.

Data Propagation System

DPS extracts and transforms ADABAS data for migration to many popular RDBMS systems (including ORACLE, Sybase, DB2, and MS-SQL-Server). Its highly efficient engine requires no direct ADABAS access; instead it uses ADASAV files to initially populate RDBMS tables, and PLOG files to keep the RDBMS tables synchronized with their related ADABAS files.


DataLoad is a Windows tool for manipulating and loading data into Windows hosted applications, whether native Windows or Java based, and includes features and enhancements specifically designed for Oracle Applications.


DataMAPPER is a high-performance data migration tool designed for large-scale data movement projects. Its distinct client/server design allows users to work in a graphical environment, without sacrificing the performance.


DecisionBase is a data transformation and movement tool that allows organizations to build data marts and warehouses fast without sacrificing future flexibility. It combines a graphical mapping tool with sophisticated transformation and movement capabilities and seamless integration with the industry-leading repository technology.

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