Configuring client/server network

Understanding Network Configuration

Oracle Net is a software component that resides on the client and the Oracle database server Or Oracle DBA Machine
Oracle Net Listener Configuration

On the database server side, the Oracle Net listener, commonly known as the listener, is a process that listens for client connection requests.
Client Configuration

When a client configured with the same protocol address broadcasts a request for a connection, the listener on the server machine or Oracle DBA machine brokers the request and forwards it to the Oracle database.
Connection Requests

Users initiate a connection request by providing a connect string. A connect string includes a username and password, along with a connect identifier.
Naming Methods

Oracle Net provides support for the following mapping methods: Local Naming , Directory Naming , Easy Connect Naming , External Naming .
Tools for Network Configuration

The Oracle Universal Installer(OUI) launches Oracle Net Configuration Assistant after the database is installed.
Viewing Listener Configuration

The listener runs on your database server machine and brokers incoming client requests. With Enterprise Manager, Oracle DBA can view the status of the listener, which is set up for automatic startup whenever your server machine is restarted.
Starting and Shutting down the Listener

The Oracle listener is set up to start automatically whenever your server machine is restarted. However, when your system encounters unforeseen circumstances, or when You have manually stopped the listener.
Configuring Oracle Networking on Client Machine

Client machines need to be configured before they can connect to an Oracle database. To configure the client machine, You must first install Oracle client software, which includes Oracle Net software.

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