Oracle Instance

Instance Memory Structure

The size of these structures affects the performance of the Oracle database server and is controlled by initialization parameters.
Oracle Background Processes

Oracle creates a set of background processes for an instance that interact with each other and with the operating system to manage memory structure, asynchronously perform I/O to write data to disk, and do general housekeeping.
Accessing the Database

The database instance can be started (made available) only by an authorized database administrator who has a special type of connection privilege to the Oracle instance.
Shuting down and Restarting the instance and Database

Oracle DBA can start and shut down your Oracle database with the Windows Services program.
Viewing and Modifying Initialization

When Oracle DBA install one of the preconfigured databases provided by Oracle, the initialization parameters are optimized for normal use in the environment that you specified.
Managing Memory Parameters

Some initialization parameters, referred to here as memory parameters, determine the total size of the system global area (SGA) and the program global area (PGA), and of the subcomponents of the SGA.

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