Database Administrative Accounts

Database Administrative Accounts

When Oracle DBA create an Oracle Database, the user SYS is automatically created and granted the DBA role.
Administering Roles

System privileges, object privileges, and roles provide a basic level of database security. They are designed to control user access to data and to limit SQL statements that users can execute.Read on to read more about Oracle Roles .
Administering Profiles

A user profile establishes the password management policy for a user and defines and limits the userís access to certain database resources Oracle DBA specify that the user be assigned the Oracle-supplied default profile.
Administering Database Users

In this section, Oracle DBA create a user named MYUSER, set the password, and assign MYUSER to the USERS tablespace.
Editing Users

Oracle DBA can change the attributes of users by clicking Edit on the Users page and selecting the properties page with the attributes that Oracle DBA want to change.
Dropping Users

Enterprise Manager enables Oracle DBA to drop users. However, Oracle DBA must excerise caution when doing so, since dropping user will drop all schema objects owned by the user including tables and indexes.

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