Tools for Administering the Database


    The following are some of the Oracle products, tools, and utilities you can use in achieving your goals as a Oracle database administrator:

  • Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)

    The Oracle Universal Installer installs your Oracle software and options. It can automatically launch the Database Configuration Assistant to install a database.

  • Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)

    The Database Configuration Assistant creates a database from templates that are supplied by Oracle, or you can create your own. It enables you to copy a preconfigured seed database, thus saving the time and effort of generating and customizing a database from scratch.

  • Database Upgrade Assistant

    This Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant guides you through the upgrade of your existing database to a new Oracle release.

  • Oracle Net Manager

    Net Manager guides you through your Oracle Net network configuration.

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager

    The primary tool for managing your Oracle database is Oracle Enterprise Manager, a web-based interface. After you have installed the Oracle software, created or upgraded a database, and configured the network, you can use Oracle Enterprise Manager for managing your database. In addition, Oracle Enterprise Manager also provides an interface for performance advisors and for Oracle utilities such as SQL*Loader and Recovery Manager.


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