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Cast SQL-Builder

CAST SQL-Builder, the complete PL/SQL development environment, delivers a higher standard for code quality through better application visibility and code verification. Use SQL-Builder to gain a better understanding of your development context. Its intuitive Graphical Object Manager lets you view all SQL or PL/SQL objects and create models while navigating the object graph.

Granger Java SQL

Granger Java SQL is an SQL query tool (written in Java) for use with JDBC drivers. It runs as a Java application, and has been tested under Windows, Solaris, and Linux. Metadata features are present. Test the performance of this tool relative to non-Java Query tools to see that Java performance can be excellent. This program allows you to enter any JDBC driver name and connection string you wish, but has a list box of some that people have suggested. Contact us if you want a specific driver and connection string automated into the list. This utility should be run with JDK1.3's runtime! See

Granger SQL

Granger SQL is a fast and feature rich SQL query tool for programmers and DBA's who use SQL frequently. It runs under MS Windows (all recent versions). Metadata features are fast and easy to navigate. It connects and functions in 4 modes: ADO, ODBC, Oracle(OCI), and MS SQL Server. You can keep several database connections open at once, and tile result sets. Other features include 60 query history, spooling, printing, and query saving/retrieval. Popular in DB2 shops (but in no way specific to DB2).

Isidian SQL Insight

Isidian SQL Insight is an Oracle development and tuning tool providing the ability to develop, debug, test, and optimize their SQL and PL/SQL code. The development capabilities supplied include a robust development environment complete with powerful coding editors and development aids, result grids that allow for easy data analysis and professional reporting, an integrated PL/SQL Debugger, integration to Oracle's Documentation Library, and a wealth of administrative and management tools, such as object browsers and wizards, FTP, and SCC (Source Code Control) utilities. Performance tuning has never been this simple. Isidian SQL Insight provides detailed Explain Plans, including plain english descriptions of what is happening in your statements, tuning progress comparison charts, bottleneck identifiers, PL/SQL optimization tools, assisted tuning prevention features, and a robust and intuitive Auto-Tuner.

ManageIT-SQL Station

SQL-Station is a comprehensive, integrated development environment for creating, editing, testing, debugging, tuning, and managing server side database code.

PL/SQL Debugger

The Rapid SQL PL/SQL Debugger offers an integrated environment for comprehensive Oracle PL/SQL debugging enabling you to debug programmable objects such as stored procedures, functions, packages and triggers on Oracle versions 7.33+ and 8.03+.

PL/SQL Developer

PL/SQL Developer is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing stored program units in an Oracle Database. Now you can conveniently create the server-part of your client/server applications. Write, Edit, Debug stored programs without any server side changes.

PL/SQL Trace - The Oracle PL/SQL Tracing Facility

PL/SQL Trace - The Oracle PL/SQL Tracing Facility PL/SQL-Trace is a very easy to use Windows application for Oracle developers allowing to send trace messages from any kind of PL/SQL code. Using pipes allows to overcome the limitations of the DBMS_OUTPUT package and also allows to have a almost immediate feedback from the PL/SQL Code.


Powerful, easy to use, inexpensive. Can take this software to each job since it's affordable. Nice syntax color coded editor.

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