Starting the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console


Accessing the Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control

At the end of a successful database creation, Oracle Enterprise Manager is automatically launched and the database is started. At other times, provided the dbconsole process is running on the server, Oracle DBA can navigate to your Database Control from your client browser as follows:

1. Point your web browser to the following URL: http://hostname:portnumber/em For example, if Oracle DBA installed the database on a host computer named comp42, and the installer indicated that your Enterprise Manager Console HTTP port number is 5500 (also recorded in the $ORACLE_HOME/install/portlist.ini file), enter the following URL: http://comp42:5500/em If the database is up, Enterprise Manager displays the Database Control Login page.

If the database is down and needs to be started, Enterprise Manager displays the Startup/Shutdown and Perform Recovery page. If this is the case, click the Startup/Shutdown button. Oracle DBA are then prompted for the host and target database login usernames and passwords, which Oracle DBA must enter. For the database user and password use SYS and the password Oracle DBA specified during installation.

Click OK to start the database. In the Confirmation screen, click YES to start the database in open mode.

2. Log in to the database using a username that is authorized to access the Database Control. This initially could be SYS or SYSTEM. Use the password Oracle DBA specified for the account during the database installation.

The property pages across the top of the page enable Oracle DBA to access performance, administration, and maintenance pages for managing your database. The functionality provided by these pages is discussed in other chapters of this book. The various sections of the Database Home page, and related links, provide a wealth of information about the database’s environment and health. For example, the Alerts, Related Alerts, and ADDM Analysis sections warn Oracle DBA of errors and performance problems that are impacting the operation of your database. Oracle DBA can click the provided links to see more detail about the problem area, and even to obtain recommendations and SQL for resolving the problem.


STEP 3 - Next Topics
This introduces Oracle DBA to the Oracle Enterprise Manager, the Web-based interface for managing an Oracle database. Understanding this tool is essential to managing the Oracle database. Learn Oracle DBA Step 3 by clicking links below:
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