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I have created this learn oracle "The step 10 process" Oracle Tutorial to help Database aspirants to accomplish their dream of working as Oracle Database administrator. I have tried to keep it simple and User friendly. Use NEXT and PREVIOUS Button to navaigate away and to a chapter. Since i myself had been a Database adminstrator trainer and has got real life experience of working as a Oracle DBA, I would welcome any sort of queries and doubts or modifications to webmaster@oracleonline.info.

Step 7 - Administering Profiles

Learn Oracle - Administering Profiles

A user profile establishes the password management policy for a user and defines and limits the userís access to certain database resources Oracle DBA specify that the user be assigned the Oracle-supplied default profile. This default profile is quite liberal in its resource specifications and does not provide tight restrictions on password usage. Until Oracle DBA are more familiar with your database and its users, it is not necessary to be concerned about creating new profiles.

Follow these steps to view the attributes of the default profile:

1. click the Profiles link shown under the security heading.

2. The Profiles page is displayed. From this page Oracle DBA can create, edit, view, or delete profiles.

3. Select the DEFAULT profile in the Select column. Click View. The View page appears and Oracle DBA can see all of the attributes associated with the DEFAULT profile. Database resource usage and limits are managed by the Database Resource Manager, which is not a subject of this book. Oracle DBA can read about the Database Resource manager in online help and view its pages when Oracle DBA click the links under the Resource Manager heading on the Database Administration page.

STEP 7 - Next Topics
For users to access your database, Oracle DBA must create user accounts and grant appropriate database access privileges to those accounts. Some user accounts are automatically included in the preconfigured database, but for security reasons, most of these accounts are locked and expired.This Step describes how to create and manage user accounts. Click on Oracle tuorial links below:
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