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I have created this learn oracle "The step 10 process" Oracle Tutorial to help Database aspirants to accomplish their dream of working as Oracle Database administrator. I have tried to keep it simple and User friendly. Use NEXT and PREVIOUS Button to navaigate away and to a chapter. Since i myself had been a Database adminstrator trainer and has got real life experience of working as a Oracle DBA, I would welcome any sort of queries and doubts or modifications to webmaster@oracleonline.info.

Step 6 - The control file

Learn Oracle - The Control File

A control file tracks the physical components of the database and other control information. It is essential to the functioning of the database. Because of this, Oracle recommends that the control file be multiplexed. In other words, it should have multiple identical copies. For databases created using DBCA, three copies of the control file are automatically created.

If any control file fails, then your database becomes unavailable. But as long as Oracle DBA still have any of the control file copies intact, you can shut down your database and re-create the failed control file from one of the other control files, then restart your database. Another option is to delete the failed control file from the CONTROL_FILES initialization parameter and restart your database with the remaining control files. There are other options, depending upon circumstances. The Advanced and Record Section pages give Oracle DBA more detailed information about your control file.

STEP 6 - Next Topics
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