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I have created this learn oracle "The step 10 process" Oracle Tutorial to help Database aspirants to accomplish their dream of working as Oracle Database administrator. I have tried to keep it simple and User friendly. Use NEXT and PREVIOUS Button to navaigate away and to a chapter. Since i myself had been a Database adminstrator trainer and has got real life experience of working as a Oracle DBA, I would welcome any sort of queries and doubts or modifications to webmaster@oracleonline.info.

Step 8 - Managing Tables

Learn Oracle - Viewing Tables

To view a table, click Tables on the Administration page of Enterprise Manager. Initially, Oracle DBA see the tables for the schema that Oracle DBA are logged into. To see tables in other schemas, click the flashlight adjacent to the Schema box to select another schema, then click Go for the results to be displayed. For example, Oracle DBA can specify HR as your schema and EMPLOYEES as the table.

To view a table definition, from the Results list, either click the link in the Table Name column or select a table, such as HR.EMPLOYEES, then click View.

Viewing Table Data

To view data in a table from the Tables property page, select the table, then select View Data, from the Actions drop down menu, and click Go. A View Data For Table page appears showing the row data in the Results section.

To sort data in a column, Oracle DBA can click any column name.

To change the query, click Refine Query. The Refine Query page lets Oracle DBA select the columns to display. It also lets Oracle DBA specify a WHERE clause for the SQL statement to limit the results.

Oracle DBA can write your own SQL query using a SELECT statement to see the contents of a table. Oracle DBA can execute SQL statements by starting an iSQL*Plus session from Enterprise Managerís Database Maintenance property page.
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STEP 8 - Next Topics
This step discusses managing tables, indexes, and other schema objects. Click on Oracle tuorial links below:
Managing TablesManaging Tables
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Modifying Table Attributes
Managing Indexes
Oracle Database - PODCASTS
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