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Step 4 - Naming Methods

Learn Oracle - Naming Methods

Oracle Net provides support for the following mapping methods:
Local Naming
Directory Naming
Easy Connect Naming
External Naming

Local Naming

The local naming method stores connect descriptors, identified by their net service name, in a local (on the client) configuration file named tnsnames.ora.

Directory Naming

The directory naming method stores connect identifiers in a centralized LDAP-compliant directory server to access a database service.

Easy Connect Naming

The easy connect naming method enables clients to connect to an Oracle database server or Oracle DBA machine by using a TCP/IP connect string consisting of a host name and optional port and service name:

CONNECT username/password@host[:port][/service_name]

For example:

CONNECT scott/tiger@my-server:1521/mydb

The easy connect naming method requires no configuration.

External Naming

The external naming method stores net service names in a supported non-Oracle naming service. These supported third-party services include:

Network Information Service (NIS) External Naming

Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) Cell Directory Services (CDS)

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