Setting Up Enterprise Manager Preferences


Setting Up Enterprise Manager Preferences

Enterprise manager enables Oracle DBA to set up preferences that help Oracle DBA manage the database. These include the following:

Notification---These are settings that enable Oracle to email Oracle DBA alert notifications. Alerts are notifications of when a database is in an undesirable state and needs your attention. By default, the Enterprise Manager home page lists all alerts. However, set up is required for email notification.

Blackout Administration---When Oracle DBA have planned downtime for database maintenance, you can indicate to Oracle that you do not want false alerts to be sent to you. To do so, you define a black out period. See Defining Blackout Time Periods in this section.

Preferred Credentials---Enterprise Manager can automatically execute many routine administrative tasks, such as backups on your behalf. This is done using sophisticated job scheduling system built into the Enterprise. To keep your environment secure, setting up tasks for automatic execution in Enterprise Manger requires Oracle DBA to provide login information for the machine and database. In order to avoid having to enter this information every time Oracle DBA create a job or task, Enterprise Manager enables Oracle DBA to save this information as preferred credentials. Preferred credentials are stored in the database in encrypted mode to protect it from unauthorized use. See Setting Preferred Credentials in this section.

Defining Blackout Time Periods

When Oracle DBA plan to bring your database down for maintenance, you can indicate that you do not want alert notifications to be sent to Oracle DBA. Alerts are notifications of when the database is in an undesirable state and needs your attention.

To define a blackout time period, follow these steps

1. From the home page, click Setup at the top of the page. The Setup page appears.

2. Click Blackouts in the left hand pane. The Blackouts page appears.

3. Click Create. This starts the Create Blackout wizard. On the Properties page, name your blackout, and select the target that has planned downtime. Click Next.

4. On the Schedule page, enter the start time of your planned blackout, or choose immediately if you are bringing the database down now. Also select the duration of the blackout, either as indefinite, as a length or time, or until a time in the future. Under Repeating, accept the default of Do Not Repeat. If you want to repeat the blackout periodically, Oracle DBA can select a repeat frequency in the pull down menu. Click Next.

5. The review page appears. Review what you have entered, and if satisfied, click Finish. If not, you can click Back to change a setting.

Setting Preferred Credentials

Oracle DBA can have Enterprise Manager automatically fill in host and database login credentials for you, such as when you schedule jobs and tasks to perform administrative operations like backup and recovery. For security, Oracle stores preferred credentials in encrypted mode.

To set preferred credentials for the database, do the following:

1. From the home page, click Preferences at the top of the page. The Preferences page appears.

2. Click Preferred Credentials in the left hand pane. The Preferred Credentials page appears. For the Database target, click the icon under Set Credentials. The Database Preferred Credentials page appears.

3. For your database, enter the credentials for Normal Username/Password, SYSDBA Username/Password, and Host Username/Password.

4. Click Test to test your credentials. Oracle DBA should get a confirmation message if your credentials can be verified.

5. Click Apply to apply the changes.


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