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I have created this learn oracle "The step 10 process" Oracle Tutorial to help Database aspirants to accomplish their dream of working as Oracle Database administrator. I have tried to keep it simple and User friendly. Use NEXT and PREVIOUS Button to navaigate away and to a chapter. Since i myself had been a Database adminstrator trainer and has got real life experience of working as a Oracle DBA, I would welcome any sort of queries and doubts or modifications to webmaster@oracleonline.info.

Step 9 - Backup and Restore

Learn Oracle - Overview of Oracle Backup and Recovery

The focus in Oracle backup and recovery is generally on the physical backup of database files, which permit the full reconstruction of your database. The files protected by the backup and recovery facilities built into Enterprise Manager include datafiles, control files, server parameter files (SPFILEs), and archived redo log files. With these your database can be reconstructed. The backup mechanisms that work at the physical level protect against damage at the file level, such as the accidental deletion of a datafile or the failure of a disk drive.

Logical-level backups, such as exporting database objects like tables or tablespaces, are a useful supplement to physical backups for some purposes but cannot protect your entire database. Your approach to backing up your database should therefore be based upon physical-level backups.

Oracle's flashback features provide a range of physical and logical data recovery tools as efficient, easy-to-use alternatives to physical and logical backups. This chapter will introduce two of the flashback features that operate at a logical level: Oracle Flashback Table, which lets Oracle DBA revert a table to its contents at a time in the recent past; and Oracle Flashback Drop, which lets Oracle DBA rescue dropped database tables. Neither requires advance preparation such as creating logical-level exports to allow for retrieval of your lost data, and both can be used while your database is available.

Oracle Enterprise Manager's physical backup and recovery features are built on Oracle's Recovery Manager (RMAN) command-line client. Enterprise Manager carries out its backup and recovery tasks by composing RMAN commands and sending them to the RMAN client. Enterprise Manager makes available much of the functionality of RMAN, as well as providing wizards and automatic strategies to simplify and further automate implementing RMAN-based backup and recovery.

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STEP 9 - Next Topics
This introduces Oracle DBA to Oracle backup and recovery as performed through Enterprise Manager. The goals are to introduce the basic concepts of Oracle backup and recovery, show how to configure your database for backup and recovery using the Oracle-suggested disk-based backup strategy, and then walk Oracle DBA through recovery of a full database backup. Click on Oracle tuorial links below:
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Backing Up Your Database
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