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SQL Access Advisor

Oracle 11g Sql Access Advisor helps in analyzing indexes, materialized views, and so on as it does in Oracle Database 10g, in Oracle Database 11g SQL Access Advisor also analyzes tables and queries to identify possible partitioning strategies—a great help when designing optimal schema. Read more about Oracle 11g new features
Data Replay

What is your biggest concern when you need to make a change in the database—be it some minor change, such as altering initialization parameters and database attributes, or major but inevitable ones such as applying patchsets?
Transaction Management with logminer

Oracle 11g LogMiner is an often ignored yet very powerful tool in the Oracle Database. It is used to extract DML statements from the redo log files—the original SQL that caused the transaction and even the SQL that can undo the transactions Read more about Oracle 11g new features
Schema Management

Those who want to conduct day to day database activity with maximum availablitly of the all the objects in the database.
SQL Plan Management

Use bind variables that intelligently pick the right plan every time and make sure a new execution plan is perfect before it's used. Read more about Oracle 11g new features
SQL Performance Analyzer

Oracle is not using an index, and you want to know why not. One of Tim's suggestions is to change the value of the parameter optimizer_index_cost_adj from the default 100 to something smaller.
PL/SQL Efficient Coding

Consider a hotel database: bookings for the hotel rooms are recorded in the table named BOOKINGS. Oracle DBA also want to record the changes to this table to a tracking table—sort of like auditing, but with a twist: You want to make it transactional Read more about Oracle 11g new features
Oracle 11g Enhanced Security

Encryption is getting more and more attention these days, thanks to myriad new laws and regulations.
Partitioning to Perfection

With composite partitioning—a scheme introduced in Oracle8i Database—you can create subpartitions from partitions, allowing further granularity of the table. Read more about Oracle 11g new features.

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