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Oracle e business suite

Topics covered in this article are :

What is Oracle E-Business Suite
Oracle E-Business Benefits

What is Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that provides:

Leverage Gain Results
E-Business Suite The Most Complete, Integrated Business Intelligence Portfolio
  • Achieve an end-to-end view across all your lines of business
  • Drive performance with consistent financial and operational information
  • Provide every employee with relevant, complete information tailored to their role
  The Most Adaptable Global Business Platform
  • Operate globally while complying locally
  • Extend global business processes with Applications Integration Architecture
  • Support your global operations 24x7
  The Most Customer-Focused Applications Strategy
  • Protecting the Value of Your Existing Investment
  • Extending the Value of Your Applications
  • Evolving Oracle DBA to the Next Generation

Oracle E-Business Benefits

Oracle uniquely enables Oracle DBA to ...with these capabilities ...to accomplish
Think globally Market-leading business intelligence platform, comprised of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Achieve end-to-end business intelligence and reporting
  • Deliver pervasive, role-based intelligence across your organization
  • Empower users at all levels and all locations with the information they need to make better decisions
Oracle Profitability Manager
  • Perform profitability analysis and reporting along any aspect of global operations
Oracle Strategic Network Optimization
  • Optimize a complex global supply chain network, including mix and location of facilities and equipment
  • Continuously evaluate the cost and revenue implications of decisions that affect your global supply chain
Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis
  • Align geographically or organizationally dispersed projects to global business objectives
  • Choose, fund, and prioritize global projects based on what-if scenario analyses of portfolios
Work globally Oracle Financials
  • Deliver consistent financial reporting while meeting local requirements by creating multiple accounting entries from a single transaction
  • Centralize accounting, tax, payment, and banking functions to achieve greater efficiencies and control
  • Streamline period-end processing and reporting across legal entities
  • Improve productivity of shared services personnel with ability to process transactions across multiple operating units using a single user profile
Oracle Human Resources
  • Manage all employees within a single system, while adhering to local, in-country regulations
Oracle Advanced Procurement
  • Streamline processes with a new consolidated workcenter for all procurement responsibilities
  • Improve support for complex goods and services
  • Expand supplier management and support
Enhanced User Experience
  • Ensure maximum employee productivity with a streamlined user experience
Manage globally Web Services Repository
  • Build adaptable business processes and lower-cost integrations with third-party applications
Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Manage cross-application business processes that extend the functionality of your diverse legacy systems
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