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Hacking Oracle Database will soon get easier
Security experts have developed an easy-to-use, automated software tool that can remotely break into Oracle databases over the internet to simulate attacks on computer systems, but cybercrooks can use it for hacking.The tool's authors created it through a controversial open-source software project known as Metasploit, which releases its free software over the web.Chris Gates, a security tester who co-developed the Metasploit tool, will unveil it next week at the annual Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, where thousands of security experts and hackers will gather to exchange trade secrets. Read on to learn more about Oracle News.
Oracle Adds Database In-Memory Caching Option
Oracle releases a new version of its TimesTen In-Memory database as well as a new database caching option for 11g customers. Both offerings are aimed at the middle tier.Oracle has announced the release of Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 11g as well as a new database caching option in a nod toward the middle tier.Read on to learn more about Oracle News.
Oracle Coherence 3.5 now supports terabytes
Oracle today announced Oracle Coherence 3.5, the latest version of its grid computing software, designed to enable critical Web applications to access large data streams and handle heavy user loads."A commodity server may now support 100 GB or RAM in a single server," Cameron Purdy, Oracle vice president of development, told InternetNews.com.Read on to learn more about Oracle News
Oracle grid update tied to emerging cloud middleware trend
Oracle this week shipped an update to its Coherence in-memory data grid, a member of a class of middleware that some say may be on the cusp of broader adoption for cloud computing.In-memory data grids store information that applications need in memory across a pool of servers, instead of reading it off disks, resulting in major performance gains.Read on to learn more about Oracle News.

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