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PLATINUM ServerVision

PLATINUM ServerVision monitors and manages performance of UNIX and Windows NT servers in distributed environments.

Power Explain

Power Explain is a tool for developers and DBA's to collect and analyze SQL statements that are executed in the Oracle database. The tool is very easy to use, yet very powerful, and may be used in a number of creative ways to identify and solve problems.

Precise/Diagnostic Center

Precise/Diagnostic Center provides a self-managing early warning system that anticipates availability issues and performance bottlenecks prior to impacting business processes. Precise/Diagnostic Center provides users with a real-time illustrated view of database and application operations, as well as the ability to anticipate and manage all performance and availability issues.


Precise Enterprise provides a complete, correlated view of performance, both at the IT component level and at the user-specific “business level.” At the IT level, the modules of Precise Enterprise suite proactively capture, measure, and correlate performance metrics from all critical system components – the Oracle database, the operating system, the ERP or custom application server – to provide a holistic view of application performance.


Precise/Foresight is a comprehensive system performance reporting solution that goes beyond traditional reporting and trending tools in significant ways. Precise/Foresight unleashes the power of the Precise Performance Warehouse by facilitating intelligent, experienced analysis and communicating this information through an easy-to-use, Web-enabled client.


Precise/Insight is an application performance management solution that measures end-to-end response time and segments that time by IT component. Precise/Insight rapidly identifies the sources of performance degradation. Precise/Insight’s unique brand of monitoring and reporting provides a business perspective that is crucial to application performance management.


Precise/Interpoint is a unique performance management solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. Tailored to Oracle? Applications and SAP R/3?, Precise/Interpoint monitors your Oracle database as well as your ERP application to identify and track problematic SQL statements to their origins—ERP users, modules, transactions, programs, screens, reports, requests.


Precise/Pulse!, the performance monitoring module of the industry-leading Precise Enterprise performance management suite, monitors the performances of your critical business applications proactively—so you don’t have to. When your system exceeds key performance thresholds, Precise/Pulse! automatically alerts its PulseCenter management console or your management framework, then activates the response you choose—e-mail, audio alert, page. It can even direct the other modules of the Precise Enterprise suite to collect additional data on the performance problem.


Precise/SQL gives businesses the application performance management they need by proactively monitoring, analyzing, and tuning Oracle databases. Precise/SQL not only identifies business performance problems, it helps solve them. To ensure that your business applications perform at peak efficiency, Precise/SQL provides a complete view of application performance by capturing, measuring, and correlating performance metrics from all critical system components.

Space Manager

Space Manager recovers wasted disk space and offers complete capacity planning to ensure peak performance of applications.

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Oracle DBA

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