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Spotlight on Oracle graphically displays, in real time, the actual server processes and flow of data in your Oracle database so you can quickly identify congested areas and take appropriate corrective action.

StatsPack Viewer

This tool, with a GUI interface, enables DBAs to work with the performance data from the Oracle Statspack utility. It can represent this data in graphical charts or trend reports.

Sysload - Monitor your system and apps in real time

Sysload provides flexible reporting on real-time and historical system data for finding bottlenecks. Features include alerts, trend analysis, automatic diagnosis, log analysis, web application, response time, and service level monitoring.

SystemGuardian for Oracle (monitoring service)

SystemGuardian for Oracle is a subscription-based monitoring service for Oracle databases. It helps lower your administrative burden, improves database response time, and increases uptime. SystemGuardian for Oracle provides the consistent monitoring required to let database administrators effectively manage their databases while leaving time to handle more important issues.


Oracle Top100 will support you in tracing the SQL area in order to find the most resource and time consuming SQL statements. Top100 offers a very nice user interface and is extraordinary easy to use.


Top100 will support you in profiling your applications for finding the most resource or time consuming SQL statements. This utility for the Oracle database administrator and the oracle developer offers a very simple user Interface and is extraordinary easy to use.


This product is a performance monitor for ADABAS and NATURAL. It can be integrated with Oracle database systems.

Don't Let Referential Integrity Degrade Your Database Performance

Oracle databases provide a powerful mechanism for enforcing business rules, called referential integrity (RI), which is implemented either via a declaration of foreign key (FK) constraints ("declarative RI") or via triggers. It is almost impossible to find an Oracle database with no declarative RI implemented.

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Oracle DBA

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