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DB Tools for Oracle

DB Tools for Oracle is an integrated set of "must have" tools for monitoring, tuning, diagnosing, coding, reverse-engineering, creating, editing, debuging, and reporting for Oracle databases.


- Use 'dblsts' to get a complete listing of the use of a tablespace. It is used mainly to check for performance problems, but it also gives a good overview of how much space is in use.


DFRAG is an Oracle database defragmentation and space management utility. DFRAG improves database performance and disk usage by rebuilding tables and indexes into single contiguous extents, eliminating row chaining and compressing row data in Oracle blocks. DFRAG works with versions 7 and 8 of Oracle.


With I/Watch’s hands-off operation, even busy database administrators can constantly monitor complex database and operating system activity. Monitoring specified exception conditions or performance characteristics, I/Watch identifies to problems automatically and takes you through the necessary steps to respond — from pinpointing the problem all the way to its final resolution.

itrprof SQL Analyzer

itrprof is a web based tool which formats SQL_TRACE and Event10046 trace files of Oracle. itrprof can format Binds variables and Waits in trace files, give tuning advises and costs for SQLs. You can not only see waits, but also sub-waits. For example, you can see: - time waited on specific Enqueue suchs as (TX), etc. - time waited on specific latch such as "latch wait list", etc. - time waited on specific file - time waited on specific block


This product aides administrators in the tuning and performance maintenance of Oracle products on an UNIX operating system.


With live reorganization, e-businesses and ERP systems are freed from the downtime imposed by traditional reorganization methods. LiveReorg™ reorganizes 24x7 databases running Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, SAP or e-commerce applications "live" while users remain online. Large, heavily used tables and their associated indexes can be reorganized with virtually no downtime. During the LiveReorg™ reorganization process, the table data remains fully accessible to application users for both read and write access.

ManageEngine OpManager Free Edition 5

ManageEngine OpManager Free Edition 5 ManageEngine OpManager is a comprehensive, easy to use and affordable Network, Systems and Applications Monitoring software that offers integrated fault and performance management functionality. It is an ideal network Monitoring software for WAN Monitoring, LAN Monitoring, Server management and Application. managementOpManager provides more than 160 out-of-the-box graphs to manage Cisco devices, MS-Exchange, Lotus Notes, Oracle, MSSQL, Dell and Compaq servers. It also supports adding custom graphs to monitor any SNMP parameter. The 10 Node Small Network Edition is available Free of cost.

NORAD Precision Tuning Module

This software provides an insight into high impact SQL and the ability to tune it for maximum performance. The true power centers upon the ability to understand and affect the execution plan as well as to work with the logical and physical structures of the database using all aspects of the Server Manager.

NORAD Surveillance Module

Surveillance Module provides real-time metric monitoring, enabling the DBA to identify, for instance, resource contention and space utilisation at a glance. More importantly, the agent based implementation allows the server to monitor itself, notifying the key individuals when an action needs to be taken. This allows the DBA to focus on business critical issues with the knowledge that critical events will be notified and can even be corrected through the comprehensive event handling facilities.

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Oracle DBA

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