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Oracle Monitoring Scripts

This page contains several Oracle Scripts to monitor an Oracle Database including user statistics, free space information, and more

Oracle Performance Monitor

Oracle Performance Monitor by Kyle Hailey, provides a graphic interface with drill down menus to quickly identify and isolate performance problems. Based on Quests Instance Monitor (Imon, I/Watch). Open Source

Oracle Performance Scripts

This page contains several Oracle Scripts to improve performance of an Oracle Database including dictionary cache hits and more.

Oracle Schema Compare Tool

Compare objects between 2 different schemas. Very fast! Compares Tables (columns, datatypes), views, procedures, functions, indexes, constraints, triggers, packages, primary and foreign keys. Simple report included. Treeview display. Color highlighted difference display (procedures, triggers, functions). Donation-ware (See help- about). NOTE: Package compare bug has been fixed in version 1.03b.

Oracle session manager

OSM is a tool for monitoring how connected sessions use database instance resources in real time. You can obtain an overview of session activity sorted by a statistic of your choosing. For any given session, you can then drill down for more detail. You can further customize the information you display by specifying manual or automatic data refresh, the rate of automatic refresh. In addition to these useful monitoring capabilities, OSM allows you to send LAN pop-up message to users of Oracle sessions


A small table-based application that monitors the current sessions on an Oracle Server and allows to see the properties of a session and to kill a running session. Timer based.

Performance Center

Performance Center provides database professionals with an industrial-strength portal into complete performance management. By supplying an automated strategy for identifying problems that threaten the availability and performance of your critical Oracle databases, Performance Center ensures that your RDBMS enjoys maximum uptime and exhibits performance that exceeds user's expectations.

Performance Explorer-i/Statspack

Performance Explorer-i provides DBA and Database performance/ capacity analyst with visual and analytical database performance and capacity problem identification methods using Oracle statspack data. Employs regression analysis modeling that clearly identifies trends in database performance. Compares statspack snapshot pares to identify potential root cause of the database performance degradation. Eliminates painful eyeballing across statspack reports when time to resolution is critical.

PL/SQL Profiler

The Rapid SQL PL/SQL Profiler optional add-on module allows Oracle 8i developers to capture metrics of various PL/SQL programmable objects as they are executed in the database. The data collected in profile sessions can then be used to improve performance of PL/SQL code execution.


PLATINUM DBVision monitors and manages performance of Oracle, Informix, Sybase, and DB2 databases in distributed UNIX and Windows NT environments.

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Oracle DBA

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