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10 Steps to Master Oracle DBA
Introduction - Step 1
Installation - Step 2
The database consists of physical and logical structures in which system, user, and control information is stored. The software that manages the db is called server. More>> The OUI guides through an interview phase that asks to specify your choices for installation and db creation. More>>
Oracle Enterprise Manager - STEP 3
Configuring client/server network - STEP 4
To access the OEM Console from a client browser, the dbconsole process needs to be running on the server. Understanding OEM is essential since it provides a visual interface for managing db. More>> On the database server side, the listener listens for client connection requests. Learn how adminstrator establishes connection between client and Server with help of Listeners. More>>
Database Instance - STEP 5
Database Storage Structures - STEP 6
This comprises of Memory Structures and Background Processes. More>> A control file tracks the physical components of the db and other control information. Learn how to manage tablespace, datafiles, undo data, datafiles, Parmater File. More>>
Database Administrative Accounts - STEP 7
Managing Oracle Objects - STEP 8
When dtabase is created, the user SYS is automatically created and granted the DBA role.System privileges, object privileges, and roles provide a basic level of db security. More>> Enterprise Manager can be used to create or Modify tables. User can do so as a system administrator or user with the CONNECT role. More>>
Backup, Restore and Recovery Concepts - STEP 9
Database Monitoring - STEP 10
The focus in backup and recovery is generally on the physical backup of db files, which permit the full reconstruction of your database. More>> Metrics are computed and stored by the AutomaticWorkload Repository, and are displayed on the All Metrics page.Tuning db is one of the most challanging task . More>>

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