Starting the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console


Starting the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console

To access the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console from a client browser, the dbconsole process needs to be running on the server. This process is automatically started after installation.

However, if the process is not running because of a system restart or otherwise, Oracle DBA can manually start it at the command line.

How To start the dbconsole process:

1. Navigate into your $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory

2. Run the following statement: ./emctl start dbconsole

Additionally, Oracle DBA can stop the process and view its status.

How stop the dbconsole process: ./emctl stop dbconsole

To view the status of the dbconsole process: ./emctl status dbconsole

Starting dbconsole in Windows

In windows in addition to using the command line, Oracle DBA can start the dbconsole process as a service.

How to start dbconsole as a service:

1. Click Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services. The Services page appears.

2. Oracle services begin with Oracle. The dbconsole service is listed as OracleDBConsole. The status of this process is listed in the Status column, either Started or Stopped. Double click the service. The property page appears.

3. In the properties page, ensure that the Startup Type is either Manual or Automatic and not Disabled. Click Start, if the process is not already started. Click OK. Oracle DBA can also use the Services page to Stop the process.


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