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Databrid Database Tool

Databrid is a browsing, retrieval and manipulation tool for Oracle Databases. Functionality includes syntax highlighting, automatic case adjustment, viewing table data in tables, schema browsing, save data to CSV, update csv with data.

DBDiff for Oracle

DBDiff for Oracle is a utility that allows you to compare 2 oracle databases. Any two databases accessible from your system can be compared. DBDiff compares sequences, privileges, constraints, table structures, views, indexes, data, functions, procedures and packages. DBDiff creates a user-friendly report that reports on all differences found based on your criteria.


DBInstaller is a tool that allows you to create installations with sql scripts, what this means is that you do not need to send to your clients, colleagues or vendors sql scripts for them to run using SQL*Plus, but rather you can send them a "proper" windows installation, just like the ones you use to install almost any software today. DBInstaller creates in seconds a true graphical interface for installing sql scripts.


dbPAL provides DBA's and devlopers with a multi-dbms database development toolkit. It combines schema development, data modelling, schema reports with data ETL - all in a multi-version enviroment that optimizes change management. dbPAL is ideal for database conversions.

DreamCoder for Oracle

DreamCoder empowers developers to be more productive by providing an intuitive graphical user interface to Oracle. DreamCoder is a powerful, low-overhead tool that makes PL/SQL development faster and easier. Advanced editors allow users to work on multiple files simultaneously ? even different file types such as SQL, PL/SQL, Java and text. Hot keys, syntax highlighting and numerous other productivity features speed development, while editing and testing are made easier with integrated result sets, EXPLAIN plans, tracing, and DBMS_OUTPUT views.

Guggi for Oracle

Database Development, Administration, PL/SQL programming and data analysis tool for Oracle 8.0, 8i, 9i and 10g. Browse the database for 32 different types of objects such as table, view, synonym, constraints, function, index, trigger, sequence, schema, tablespace, procedure, package, materialized view, database link, type, rollback segment, directory, operator, library, queue, java (data, source, resource, class), context, consumer group, index type, job, profile, queue tables, policy, dimensions, summary, external tables; Tab through the properties of database objects; Several Developer and DBA features backup statistics, Lock Manager, Server Monitor, PL/SQL Profiler, PL/SQL trace, Security Manager, Analyze Manager, Invalid Objects Manager, Input/Output stats, Rollback Segment Manager, Sessions Manager, SQL Stats, Upload and download BLOB, Space manager and Develop PL/SQL code, database objects, tune code.


QDesigner™ is a database design and application tool that combines object-oriented, conceptual and physical data object modeling capabilities in a single, integrated environment. With an intuitive user interface and support for more than 30 of today's most popular DBMSs, QDesigner offers a unique solution to speed up software design and analysis - helping designers and developers deliver increasingly complex distributed applications on time.


SchemaSurf is a FREE browser-based tool for querying Oracle database schemas. It allows users to browse objects, view definitions, pull existing data (to both screen and spreadsheet), and extract PL/SQL program units.


Application that allows you to manage Oracle table objects, including: see and print statistical information on tables; generate complete "create table" scripts with all constraints; estimate the best initial segment size for any table; and analyze table statistics.

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Oracle 11g New Features
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